Taxi Guide System

Our product Taxi Guide(Taksi Rehberi) consist of 4 different end-user software components:

  • Taxi Driver Sytem which runs on hardware we provide
  • Taxi E-Hail Application for IOS and Android
  • Taxi Track and Dispatch Management System for Taxi Stations
  • Taxi Calling and Management System for Company Customers

Virtual POS

Our team has hands on experience with many banking payment systems used in Turkey. We have worked with Garanti Bank, Akbank Bank, Yapı Kredi Bank, İş Bank

Our Virtual POS solution works with any E-Commerce solution that supports Authorize.NET such as AbleCommerce

In Memory R* Spatial Index Server

This server is the fruit of our R&D projects. In Memory R* Spatial Index Server is super fast, scalable in-memory solution for any system that needs location based queries. This server can run on top of any linux server. Another option is to use this service via Abidos cloud.

Where Is My Class Mobile App

Where Is My Class Mobile App utilizes many GIS(Geographic Information System) technologies to provide a map location for Yildiz Technical University class locations. Students can query classes, see the buildings, and get a route to reach the class on a map.