Software Development

Our team has knwoledge on many software platforms and software languages:

  • C / C++ / Java / C# / VB.NET / Python / ASP.NET / JSF / PHP
  • Django / Grails / Node.js / Spring / Hibernate / Struts
  • MSSQL / PostgreSql / MySql / PosGis
  • Hadoop / Memcached / Beanstalkd / HBase / MongoDB
  • Objective C / Java Android SDK
  • Html5 / Css3 / Javascript / JQuery / Node.js
  • Ubuntu-RedHat-Debian Linux Systems / Windows Server Systems / Open Solaris-Solaris Unix Systems
  • Cloud GIS Systems

Mobile Application Development

Our team has a deep mobile application development knowledge. Our team members develop the first mobile applications for java phones in 2006, now we are building mobile applications for smartphones. We first prepare a mockup of an application then iterate on it before starting developing. While doing the mockups we focus on application usability by doing the UX design ourselves

Platforms We Use:

  • Java Android SDK
  • PhoneGap
  • Windows Phone
  • Blackberry SDK

Software Architecture Consulting

Our team has worked in projects that has tens of thousands of transaction per second. We built server software that runs taks in hours where previously takes a week to complete. We advise on software platforms to be used according to your needs. We design full software architecture of a system that needs to takes millions of transactions daily. We can also implement the software architecture if your software development team is already busy with daily operations!

Cloud Software Development

Abidos already works with IaaS and PaaS cloud provides such as Linode, Amazon and Windows Azure. We share our insights and give feedback on your cloud needs. We can build your personal cloud system. We can implement your software needs in cloud for scalability and performance while keeping hardware costs low!