A Software Platform For Tracking & Dispatching of Location Based Real-Time Resources

This software platform development is financially supported by Tübitak's TEYDEB program. Platform uses in-memory spatial index server for storing location based resources like vehicles, people or animals to find the best suited resource for a dispatch request. Then it uses A* algorithm to solve shortest path and/or travelling salesman problem(TSP). Platform can handle tens of thousands of dispatch requests per second, and can relay each dispatch within 1-5 seconds. Platform runs on cloud and can scale up.

This platform is best suited for:

  • Vehicle Dispatch Automation System like Taxi Automations, Ambulance Services, Shipping Services
  • Pet Tracking & Care Systems
  • Queuing for First Come First Serviced Location Based Services

Some of the systems that distiguishes this platform from others are:

  • Built with Python, HTML5 and includes native SDK's for mobile platforms
  • Uses Beanstalkd for message queuing
  • Uses Memcached for caching
  • Uses MongoDB as database back end
  • Uses Nginx as web server
  • Built-in Geographic Information Systems(GIS)

Seismic Engineering Research Infrastructures for European Synergies(SERIES)

SERIES is a FP7 funded project. SERIES has a distributed database for improving the dissemination and use of experimental results and fostering the impact of earthquake engineering research on practice, innovation and earthquake risk mitigation. Abidos participated in this project by providing the distributed database integration for Istanbul Technical University(ITU).